Newsletter from Rich Nakamura

My apologies for posting this a few weeks late. Pastor Rich sent it to us at Thanksgiving time. Even though late, I thought you would all enjoy seeing it and making note of address and contact info. Let’s keep Rich, Keri, and their extended family in our prayers. – Tim

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friends,                                           November 2022

This picture of us up above – “Heading West” (to Japan) was taken almost 33 years ago (our first newsletter).  It took that long to finally arrive in Texas!  But we made it and we are so thankful!  In fact, there are many nice things like lower gas prices ($2.90), warm weather, great BBQ, and such.  But having family nearby has to be at the top of the list to be grateful for.  Right away, we had a trusted community with the Hees (Richard’s sister’s family) along with our Japanese mother and Keri’s dad.

One of the challenges is to find a local church that would fit the needs of the whole family.  We had to consider we have elderly parents, and teenagers.  It needed to be Bible centered, Christ-focused, and family-oriented.  This took us on a journey of discovering where God would have us settle.  We discovered how music also plays a huge role in deciding as a family.  It seems like we may have found a place at Countryside Bible Church.  We found our spirits refreshed and souls fed.  We are thankful.

Another blessing has been for our son Nathan, who is going to a home-school Coop, along with his cousin.  They have a couple classes together and they mutually help each other and fight to see who gets the better grade.  So thankful.  Nathan’s basketball coach’s family also goes to the same Coop.  Not only does he coach well, but his goal is to help shape boys into being godly young men.  So much is learned through sports.  We are thankful for such a godly example.

Kayla will start her new job at a nearby Mercantile (like something out of Little House on the Prairie) soon.  Her proactive visits to the church youth groups have resulted in growing friendships.  We thank God for His blessings!

Praise God for the Toyota contacts!  A sister in Christ, introduced me to the leader of the Toyota Christian Fellowship.  Our first face to face meeting was cancelled, but rescheduled.  And through another friend, I was introduced to another Christian at the company, and plan on meeting  him soon as well.  It seems God is leading and guiding through this process step by step.   So thankful to see God at work.

Takarada-sensei came out of retirement to pastor the Japanese Baptist Church of North Texas which he started many decades ago.  To do this, he travels  back and forth from Japan twice a month.  Amazing.  His teaching was solid, a man full of passion and strength.  My mom was also blessed to hear his sermon in Japanese and sing in Japanese.  So Thankful.

Keri’s dad recommended “Wounded Tiger” for me to read. Absolutely riveting.  The book weaves the stories of Fuchida, the leader of the Pearl Harbor attack, Jake DeShazer, a Doolittle Raider who bombed Tokyo, and a missionary family.  How can enemies become friends? Only by the power of Christ and the Gospel.  December 7th, the anniversary of that dreadful attack at Pearl Harbor is coming up.  What a wonderful opportunity to share this message of love and reconciliation. 

We are GRATEFUL for all of YOU, who have loved, prayed, encouraged and supported us all these years. THANK YOU!!!

New Address:  3421 Beekman Dr., Forth Worth, TX  76244

New With Thanksgiving,   Richard & Keri – SEND International

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