February Nakamura Newsletter!

(This is not how Richard and Keri’s letter was formatted, but I’m hoping you can see everything clearly.)

Dear Praying Friends,    

Mail Returns

Have any letters or packages you sent to us been returned?  We have been having mailing issues, and it’s not because I wrote “Forth Worth” on previous newsletters!  Apparently, the previous owner’s name was also “Richard”, so someone at USPS assumed it was him and have been returning our mail to the senders, including bills, letters, W-2’s, and packages!  We hope this issue is resolved now, so please do not give up and try again!  We’d love to hear from Y’all.

Nathan’s Basketball Team

This has been an exciting year for Nathan and basketball.  Not only did he make the team, but worked up to the “A” team. Never would we have imagined a quality homeshool league program that has State, Regional, and National finals.  And not only for basketball, but also for football, volleyball, and track. Homeschooling is BIG in Texas!  Nathan has made great friends through this.  Coach Danny, who played pro in Europe and Japan, is a towering man who desires to disciple kids through sports.  He has taught Nathan so much. Another benefit is that the games are all over the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, so we are learning about the area as well.

Pastor’s Prayer Meeting

Several of the local Japanese pastors used to gather for prayer before Covid.  Hearing of my desire to pray with the pastors, they restarted with the 3 of us (Pastors Kunisawa, Nakao and myself). Pastor Nakao (right) used to serve at the Santa Clara Japanese Christian Church, CA where I first met him years ago.  What a wonderful surprise to see him again after all these years.  He had retired and moved to Texas, but still ministers to a small group of Japanese!  The prayer time was passionate and powerful.  PTL! (Kunisawa, Richard, Nakao)

Celebrating Mom’s 93rd Birthday

Okaasan (mom) celebrated her first birthday here in Texas, and at 93, she is still getting around.  She is living with my sister’s family, which is two minutes away from us.  She definitely is enjoying the sun.  She reminisces a lot about her childhood, and especially growing up during the war years in Japan. Very hard.


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Thank you all for all your prayers, support, letters, encouragement, and friendship!