Obituary 死亡報告

Here is an updated summary of the life of Philip Luttio, Japan missionary and father of Rev. Steve Luttio who served as our pastor for over two decades.

Philip Luttio was born in Minneapolis, MN on May 15, 1924 to his parents, Vaino and Lempi Luttio.
フィリップ・ルティオは1924年5月15日にミネソタ州のミネアポリス市で両親、ヴェーノ とレンピのもとに生まれました。
He was baptized in September 1924 and confirmed on May 8, 1938.
Phil and his 5 siblings grew up together in a lively musical household where he took up clarinet and became a very skilled musician.
The family moved to Wayzata and joined Oak Knoll Lutheran Church in 1941. Phil personally committed his life to the Lord at a Bible camp the summer of 1942.
He graduated from Wayzata High School in June of 1943 and then enlisted in the army a month later.
He was severely wounded at Iwo Jima in March of 1945, awarded the Purple Heart and was hospitalized for about a half a year in Guam and Denver.
Surprised at his recovery, the doctor said, “You’d better ask God why he miraculously saved you.” Phil knew it was so that he could go back to Japan this time to bring Bibles instead of bullets.
そのとき、医者が彼の回復に驚き, フィルに「どうしてあなたが奇跡的に助かったのか、神様に聞いたほうがいい」と言いました。フィルは、それは日本に戻るためだとわかりました。今度の日本に行く使命は、弾丸でなく、聖書を持っていくことでした。
After discharge in October, he attended the Minneapolis LBI for two terms in the new year and transferred to Suomi College, Michigan, attending from the fall of 1946 until the spring of 1948.
10月に退院したあと、彼は2学期間、ミネアポリス LBI(ルーテル聖書学院)に出席し、その後、ミシガン州のスオミ大学に編入しました。そこで、1946年の秋から1948年の春まで勉強しました。
On June 30, 1948 he married Margaret Birkedal whom he had met at Oak Knoll Lutheran Church.
He then attended St Olaf College for one year, graduating in 1949. The happy couple had 4 children. Karen born in 1949, Stephen in 1951, Miriam 1954 and Mark 1958.
Phil attended Luther Seminary in St Paul, Minnesota from September 1949 through May 1952.
Then Phil and Margaret sailed to Japan along with Karen and baby Steve to work as missionaries with the Lutheran church. They arrived in Yokohama on August 15, 1952, exactly 7 years after the war and 403 years after Francisco Xavier landed in Kagoshima as the first missionary to Japan.
Phil worked with and pastored churches mainly between Tokyo and Nagoya.
Tokiwadai, Itabashi Ku板橋区常盤台 Tokyo 1952-1953, Omori大田区大森 53-54, Yokosuka 横須賀 54-55, Handa 羽田 55-58, Deputation in US 米国での伝道報告58-59, Shimada 静岡県島田市59-64, Deputation in US米国伝道報告 64-65,  Tokyo 65-67. 
From 65-66 they were dormitory parents for missionary kids while Phil took Japanese classes at The international Christian University.
From 66-67 he served at the Tokyo University Student Center.
They worked at Kibo Church in Nagoya from 1967-1970 and then after deputation, returned to Tokyo where Phil worked from 1971-1982 at Koishikawa Lutheran Church with Rev. Kojima and the deaf ministry.
Phil’s last assignment in Japan was in Toyohashi from 1982-1989.  フィルの日本での最後の任務は、1982年から1989年まで豊橋での牧会でした。
Phil’s musical and artistic talents were invaluable tools in his evangelistic ministry
Phil directed his family band and choir made up of Phil, Margaret, and the four children from the time they were young.
During their 1970-1971 deputation year, they made a professional recording and traveled about 10,000 miles around the perimeter of the United States performing at churches, colleges and even Madison Square Garden in New York.
In 1972, they returned to Japan to do music evangelism throughout all Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu. 1972年、日本に戻り、北海道から九州まで全国各地で音楽の伝道を行いました。 
After 37 years of ministry in Japan, Phil and Margaret retired in San Pedro, CA where they lived for 31 years. 日本での37年間の奉仕の後、退職し、フィルとマーガレットはカリフォルニア州のサン.ペドロ市に移り住みました。
He continued to play clarinet with Margaret on piano and enjoyed painting and wood carving. フィルはまだクラリネットを吹き、マーガレットのピアノとともに、音楽を楽しんでいました。また、フィルは絵画や木彫りも楽しんでいました。
They also enjoyed ministering and traveling all over the world and spending lots of quality time with their children and growing grandchildren.彼らは世界中を旅行し、子供やその孫と充実した日々を送っていました。
For their last 10 years there, they received extensive care from their daughter Miriam with help from their granddaughter Kristina. この10年は次女のミリアムから手厚い看護を受けていました。ミリアムの娘、クリスティーナも手伝ってくれました。
In August of 2020 they moved to Roseville, MN to live in the home of their daughter Karen and her husband Paul, receiving care from them, their daughter Naomi, and Phil & Margaret’s son Steve.
Surrounded by the songs and sounds of his beloved family, Phil’s chariot came to carry him home on December 7, 2020, at age 96.

He is survived by his beloved wife, Margaret, his sister, Joanna Monson (Herb. Fridley, MN), his four children Karen Anderson (Paul), Stephen Luttio (Elizabeth. Blaine, MN), Miriam Varvais (Tim. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA), and Mark Luttio (Shirley. Boca Raton, FL). He also is fondly remembered by his 14 grandchildren, Andrew Anderson, Naomi Anderson, Gabriel Anderson, Erikka Shepp, Israel Anderson, Karis Alex; Rachel Wolff, Sara Johnstone, Rebecca Luttio; Kristina Varvais; Jacob Luttio, Marcia Pistotti, Isaac Luttio, Melissa Campbell; 27 great-grandchildren along with many nieces and nephews. フィルには、妻のマーガレット、妹のジョアンナ.モンソン(夫のハーブ.ミネソタ州フリドリー)、4人の子供、カレン.アンダーソン(夫のポール)、スティーブン.ルティオ(妻のエリザベス.ミネソタ州.ブレイン)、ミリアム.バルベイス(夫のティム.カリフォルニア州ランチョパロスベルデス)、およびマーク.ルティオ(妻の シャーリ.フロリダ州ボカラトン)。 彼はまた、14人の孫、アンドリュー.アンダーソン、ナオミ.アンダーソン、ガブリエル.アンダーソン、エリッカ.シェップ、イスラエル.アンダーソン、カリス.アレックス。レイチェル.ウルフ、セラ.ジョンストン、リべカ. ルティオ; クリスティーナ. バルベイス; ジェイコブ.ルティオ、マルシア. ピストティ、アイザク.ルティオ、メリサ.カンベル、 がいます。フィルは家族から大変愛され、27人のひ孫と多くの甥、姪にも恵まれました。

We are thankful for the life and legacy of this faithful, godly man. この忠実で敬虔なフィル人の人生と、私たちに残してくれたその彼の心の遺産を神様に感謝しています。
He was buried at Fort Snelling national cemetery with military honors on December 14, 2020. 彼は2020年12月14日軍の名誉式とともに、フォート.スネリング国立墓地に埋葬されました。