Rooted in Japan…. Planted in America…. Bearing fruit in our Community and around the World…. Citizenship in Heaven….

Our Easter gathering on April 17, 2022

Our Easter gathering on April 9, 2023

Our church celebrates a history of over 100 years… an awesome legacy as well as a wonderful challenge as we continue into the future. We were birthed out of the faith and vision of Christ-followers who were part of the immigration of Japanese to the Seattle area at the beginning of the 20th century. 115 years later we continue seeking to understand our heritage and identity…. and to ask God “What is the work that you have for us at this time? How can we best serve you in this community?”

We welcome you to join us on that journey. Maybe you’re looking for a church home? Perhaps you’ve never really believed in…. or sought after a relationship with God? Maybe you just have questions about the Bible? At JCC we don’t pretend to have all the answers but we do know that you are welcome to come just as you are. We’re doing this faith journey together with God’s help.

Come as you are…but don’t expect to stay that way!