Sign Changes…

The JCC church board decided a few weeks ago to make some changes in our signage. Some of the original and historic signs on the old building are being moved and “re-purposed” in order to better highlight our newer church structure along the more public sidewalks and approach.

Several weeks ago Gene Hanson took on the job of removing the long horizontal sign from above the entrance to the original building. He took it home, refinished it, and now has mounted it for us on the concrete wall near the front of the sanctuary. It looks great and adds some clear identity to our entrance.

Gene, working on the signage….


How it has looked for the past 65 years….. and how it appears now.

DSC09409 (2)



The content of the large sign on the ground was also outdated so Gene took out that portion…. only to find ANOTHER, MORE outdated portion underneath.



Other changes still to come: we’re wondering about moving this sign to the other side of the church… by the parking lot, and putting new content inside. It, too, has great historic value and we would love to keep it in use. Finally, we’re putting new content into the aluminum sign on the front corner of the church. Hopefully, both JCC and SABF will be able to get a bit more accurate exposure through these changes. Stay tuned!