Poetry by Jon Honeycutt

(Here are a few examples of Jon’s poetry which were recently sent to me and JCC – Pastor Tim)



It isn’t that odd, since it cometh from God

That the blossom gives fragrance to all

Knowing not what it does, it is only because

It’s obeying its clarion call





Let not the question make you stumble

For we were made to understand

Accept the promise and be humble

For the answer is in God’s command –




A warrior-poet must live in meoriginal

To pen such livid poetry

And fan creative urge to flame

To let it out means more of the same





Thanking God we are not in His passions alonemagic-book-with-magic-lights-vector-id1060895936

But alive in the doing, the truth becomes known

And may He, in His wisdom grow seeds we have sown

May our highest intentions ally with His own





Shall I listen, and it, understandpoetry-image

Or shall I speak and be confused

If I reject my Lord’s command

I’ll be unflatteringly used





You can read it in the Biblepoetry_by_women_SQ

E’en though you didn’t hear it here

And if it’s true, then we are liable

To face the former foe we fear




Sometimes I can feel God smiling on me

Awash in a wave from within to without

I feel it now as I sit by the sea

And I gaze in amazement about

It’s a tangible tamer of troubles and times

That I hold in my heart as I survey the shore

A moment of grace giving rise to the rhymes

And I know in my soul what I wandered here for

In this vision of calm, like a hand in my hand

As alone, yet not lonely, this splendor appears

And of how many others have sat on this sand

Where one’s thinking and actions and vision clears

It would be nice to share such a treasure as this

But with no one around to distract from the still

Like an opening flower or a lingering kiss

That awaken the memories wrapped in my will



God bless you all and JCC

Your friend and fellow servant of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus

Jon Honeycutt