The Lord Is Awesome

Psalm 8

I used to brag about the beauty of Seattle/Washington when I was in Japan.  I would say, “Seattle summers are the best.  You need to visit – not too hot or not too cold,  not humid and with very little rain!”  Have you noticed what we have here?  Have you gone camping or taken a hike recently?  When you see the beautiful green nature all around, do you remember the Lord?  In Japan, whenever you arrive at a particularly beautiful spot, you will often find a shrine.  People know in their hearts that there is a god that is responsible for this.

These days, everything is explained through evolution.  In other words, all of nature happened by chance and time. No need to worship if that is the case.  But through the Bible, we discover that there is a purpose, a plan, and design in nature which points to a designer/creator.  There is order, variety, complexity and beauty which points to the real Creator God.  We know this in our hearts.  And it should cause us to worship.

David understood and expresses his thoughts in Psalm 8.

Lord, our Lord,  How majestic is Your name in all the earth,
You who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens!”

With that awesome authority, given to us by God, we are to rule the earth (v.3-8).  But we have not ruled well.  With crime, violence, and hatred, many things seem to be a mess.  And creation has been affected by it as well.  Why?  The answer is found in Romans 1 –  We have forgotten to honor God and to give Him thanks.  We’ve become selfish and prideful and have done our own things in our own ways without God.  The Bible says we have become fools and we see its fruit.

What are we to do?  Like children, simply believe, trust and come back to Jesus.  The world may mock you because of this, but Jesus will be with you. And God says in 1 Cor. 1:27,  “God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong… so that no human may boast before God.”

Next time you go on your walk, remember David’s example of praising our God.  He ends the Psalm by saying, “O LORD, our Lord, How majestic is Thy name in all the earth!”  Amen!

(the above is a summary of the message shared by Richard Nakamura during our zoom worship time on June 27th.)