Poetry by Jon Honeycutt

Recently Jon gave me these examples of his poetry… during a visit to his apartment. I thought you would all like to read them. Enjoy! – (this is the first part…. there are a few more poems in part 2 that I will post later….) – Pastor Tim

From God to Good, just add an “o”

To evil add a “D”, and there you go

It’s as evident as the letters are

We bear His grace, He bears our scar

The living light awaits the eye

That looks to see it shine

I seek to find that Joy designed

And that decision’s mine

I’ll follow my father, and his before him

For my life is a cup that is filled to the brim

Can you not see it coming?

It is as plain as day to me

The trumpets herald drumming

For the battle come to be

As dark as it appears right now

There’s victory at the end

We can’t discern the when or how

But our brokenness will mend

The Lord is our shepherd

And we’re in his flock

On a journey well worthy

We willingly walk

Beauty for ashes I’m looking toward

My word is my sheath, my faith is my sword

Expectancy grows as I water my hope

And the doubt will depart down it’s slippery slope

I write down my dreams, then, patiently wait

But the answer will come, whether early or late

It comes down to wanting and asking for it

In the knowing which end of the candle is lit

So I ponder my chances I know will arrive

They’re as sure as the promise that love is alive

For this world, in blindness, just stumbles along

It’s ignoring what’s right and embracing what’s wrong

As apparent to me as it should be to you

Our reward will reflect what we willingly do

This may be as clear or as murky to some

But we stand in the knowing an answer will come

It is only a matter of time, take His word

Let His glory reveal what these words have inferred

The ashes we leave for the beauty we’ll find

Is the way it will be, it is heaven designed

I can give you the line but you must take the bait

And you’ll find revelation awaits at the gate

It’s as near as your next breath, it’s certain to be

And a gift to the reader, it’s God’s guarantee

Better late than never is a phrase I finally learned

And is a gift from God, as ever, even a gift I hadn’t earned

But I am thankful for His favor and the chance to know at last

That I may yet tomorrow savor while repenting of my past

I was as willful and as ignorant of all my life in store

Yet, like a child’s heart is innocent, He forgave and gave me more

And then somewhere along the way my path began to change

My ways were wasted anyway, and generally strange

By looking back I found that I was on an errant path

My thinking was unsound and I deserved the coming wrath

But providence was waiting, I thank the Lord that it was so

And it isn’t understating that at last I came to know

That He was always with me, though I seldom gave it thought

Now I see my past more clearly and another chance I got

God moves in ways of wonder, but it’s always for our best

As my “normalcy” was blunder I would have failed the coming test

So I pray you to consider where our former ways would lead

Whether glorious or bitter, like a flower taken seed

If I’d have opened up my eyes when I was young and strong

I would have known how fast time flies, and made my way along

A difference of direction and a finer end to find

And then I gave it my inspection, finally opening my mind

I know that He’d been with me, else, I wouldn’t be here now

My words are my propensity, while He provides the “how”

And what I can say is “Thank You” to the one who gave us all

It is the best that I can do while I am waiting for His call

We’ll make it through these trying days

The seething heat, the smokey haze

We have the will, we’ll find the ways

For blessings come to he who prays

And look back on these times again

We know who runs his race will win

Though now, our hopes seem rather thin

We’ll find our peace and enter in

These are but temporary times

Where the temperature absurdly climbs

Endurance bears climactic crimes

Inviting even heated rhymes

Yet cooler days will follow these

With gentle rains and soothing breeze

The weather will how’ere it please

As only he who bears it sees

So don’t lose hope, we’ll get there yet

With grace we’ll gain the wind and wet

Just wait it out and place your bet

And we will what we pray for get

We’ve seen these calms and storms before

And guaranteed, there will be more

Who knows what waits beyond that door

It’s what we were intended for

So, brace yourself, you’ll pass the test

Today’s a temporary guest

We’ll carry on and do our best

These current trials will turn to bles’t

(August, 2021, 94ºF)