Letter from the UCC / Neighbors in Need Offering

Dear Japanese Congregational Church UCC,

Wow! What an intense year we have each had to endure. I pray you and your loved ones are finding ways to face the many unique challenges forced upon us due to the pandemic.Truthfully, much has changed in the world since the Neighbors in Need Special Mission Offering of 2019. Justice issues – from women’s rights to racial bias to income gaps – continue to be laid bare, making the Neighbors in Need Special Mission Offering, on October 3, 2021, even more critical.The United Church of Christ’s history is rooted in supporting justice work. Through virtual settings, we continue to bring programs and services to our communities in need of assistance. We are presenting weekly webinars that inform and uplift on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. In July, we even held our first-ever special edition General Synod 33, where nearly 3,000 members participated. I am confident in stating that “a good time was had by all!”

This year’s campaign will place a spotlight on “the unhoused aka homelessness.” As a group, they have already faced much. With many Americans losing income due to the coronavirus, this vulnerable community will likely grow.Therefore, we invite your congregation to renew its commitment to Neighbors in Need on Sunday, October 3. Please take a moment to learn more about some of the wonderful programs funded by Neighbors in Need Grants on the NIN online webpage. Importantly, all of this year’s resource materials are downloadable at www.ucc.org/nin. Due to the resurgence of the virus’ variant, many churches are returning to worshipping online. Therefore, we have again chosen to not mail any of this years’ materials. However, we will gladly mail you a Neighbors in Need poster and/or envelopes per your request. To place an order for a poster or envelopes, email store@ucc.org or go to www.uccresources.com.

In service with deep gratitude,
Rev. Dr. Bentley de Bardelaben-Phillips,Executive Associate, Justice and Local Church Ministries