World Vision Global 6K Walk

Reflecting back on this year’s participation in the World Vision Global 6k Walk on May 20, 2022… are some pictures taken on this beautiful day.  Our JCC Team raised a final total of $4575.00 from a team of 34 members.  20 walkers participated in the actual walk, who scooped up water from Lake Washington, to honor those individuals around the world who walk an average of 6k (3.728 miles) to find water for their families.  Let’s keep World Vision in prayer that they will be successful in using all collected funds to build much needed clean water sources for those in need.  And we thank everyone who participated, supported and donated to this cause and especially remember our beloved member and friend, Howard McCay, whose memory we honored with our participation. – Sue Hanson & Bi-Lan Chiong / team leaders ( if the photos appear small, you should be able to pinch or click on them to enlarge them for better viewing)

Mom with the twins!
Final Group Photo (with a few folks missing….)