Urgent Need….from Rachel Wolff

(The following is a communication from Rachel Wolff…. and describes a special fund raising effort that she is involved in on behalf of her good friend in Nepal. Please read and if possible, follow the link to her Go Fund Me page to help with this urgent need.)

Happy Thanksgiving from Nepal to our friends and family far and wide. We are grateful this year for our wonderful church here in Kathmandu, which brings together Christians from all over the world to worship and fellowship. This includes refugees who have fled persecution from neighboring countries because of their decision to follow Jesus. It has been eye-opening to fellowship with these courageous families, building a life in Nepal while hoping some day to start permanent new life in third countries like Canada, the US, etc.

One such family, who have become dear friends to us, have an urgent need that we’ve felt led to supportHannah* (names changed for safety in case ever forced to return to their home countries) needs urgent surgery in Dallas to correct a rare and painful spinal condition that the American surgeon has assured her is completely treatable. Chris and I would be grateful if you’d take 5 min to read Hannah’s story below and spread the word to your church, friends, and others. We hope to raise the required amount rapidly so Hannah can make the trip and start her road to recovery.

Thank you, friends! May your Thanksgiving be richly blessed,

Rachel’s friend Hannah needs rare surgery, organized by Rachel Wolff

Rachel E. L. Wolff