A Poem from Jon

To my friends at JCC,

While going through some of my old poems I found this one that I don’t think I showed to anyone, but since it’s a small way of saying thanks to all of you I thought I should send it along. I hope you are all doing well, I miss very much not being able to make it to services, and I miss the loving companionship we shared over many years. Though my memory is fading, I remember those times clearly. They were the best days of my life. Please keep me in your prayers, as you are always in mine. Take care, and may God bless you now and always! Remember me, as I remember you, with love,

Your friend and brother in our Lord Jesus, Jon Honeycutt

Every time I arrived at church, it became a little victory

around the mountain I could search to find its here I’d rather be

Though events conspire to keep me from the high point of my waning week

God’s grace enables me to come, His fellowship and truth to seek

And whatever stick gets in my spokes, He pulls it out that I may go

To laugh and learn and love you folks whose graces in this garden grow

What’ere the world that looms ahead, whatever obstacles defy

I shall, through them be safely led, and join you in the by and by

What’ere the reasons, cause or call, a love for God was shown to me

A new beginning, all in all, a soul re-born at J.C.C.