JCC NEWS – (11/24/2017)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, it’s a day after Thanksgiving and I trust you’ve had a wonderful day – and continuing weekend – with family and friends. God has truly blessed us as a congregation!

Recent Highlights…

  • I (Pastor Tim) was able to make a brief but productive trip back to Japan between Oct. 23rd and Nov. 3rd. I was able to accompany one of our Bible Camp directors – from Michigan – as he visited our camp in Japan (Akagi Bible Camp). It was also a blessing to visit and speak at two of the churches where Andrea and I had served most recently, Isesaki and Shibukawa, both congregations in Gunma. Finally, I was able to participate in a gathering of all of our Asia Church leaders that took place on Nov. 1-3 in Tokyo.
  • What a blessing it was for me to be part of a JCC wedding! Bi-lan’s daughter Ai-Li was married to Reid on November 11th at a standing-room-only ceremony at the church, followed by a magnificent dinner party and dance at the Sunset Club. Our prayers and blessings continue for the happy couple.
  • JCC has continued to serve monthly (3rd Saturday) as a volunteer team at the St. Mary’s Food Bank. Thanks to all who have participated and please continue to contact Bi-Lan (our coordinator) directly if you would like to be involved. Next opportunity – Saturday, December 16th.
  • Over the past few weeks we’ve been gathering donations for those who are suffering and in need in Puerto Rico. Please consider a gift – along with our prayers. Collection will conclude at the end of November.
  • It was so fun to be together after worship on Nov. 19th for a wonderful Thanksgiving Potluck! Thank you to ALL who provided such a stunning and delicious array of food. (The Johnson family got to enjoy it twice as Larry put together special “obento” for my gang back in Mount Vernon!)
Upcoming Events…
  • While this is pretty late notice, we hope you’ve noticed the announcements in the weekly bulletin about our Church Clean-Up Day – TOMORROW!!11/25 from 9:00 a.m. for a couple of hours. Come with your work gloves and tools to join the fun as we clean up the yard and a few other areas.
  • Our next discussion / Q&A session about the future of our congregation is scheduled for next Saturday, December 2ndWe hope you’ll join us!  We agreed to use the book, “Claiming Resurrection in the Dying Church” by Anna B. Olson as one of the tools for our discussion.  We are to read the first section which is entitled “Get Up!” by our meeting.  It’s easy reading and we have a few copies of the book being passed around.
  • Here’s the most recent word concerning our Homeless Feeding / Lord’s Table outreach for December: We will be distributing gift bags at our next Homeless Feeding/Lord’s Table on December 4th. Toothbrushes & socks have been purchased, but if you’d like to make other toiletry donations including cash so we can purchase more items, please let Peter or Sue know.  We could also use your help in assembling these bags following next Sunday’s service (Dec. 3rd).
  • If you’re with us for worship, be sure to sign the Christmas cards that we are sending to two congregations in the Fukushima area of Japan – the Kawatani Church and the Sakata GyoseiChurch. (Howard is preparing those cards). May these cards be a wonderful encouragement to congregations that are still struggling with the effects of the 2011.3.11 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disasters.
As we look forward to the start of Advent…. and a new church year… we also look forward to seeing you, exchanging hugs, loving words, and the peace that only comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. See you soon at JCC!

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Tim

(scroll down for a few pics from my recent trip to Japan….)


The Japan Alps off in the distance as we crossed Shiga Heights from Gunma into Nagano.

Dave Nesburg

With Dave Nesburg, director of Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp in Michigan.


Beautiful Lake Nojiri, where our family has vacationed each summer for many years.



Tim & Dave at Shibukawa Church

Isesaki 2

With the Isesaki Church…


A trip up the Tokyo Sky Tree!