Looking ahead to 2018!

I’ve always found it interesting that we wish each other a MERRY Christmas…. while always wishing each other a HAPPY New Year. I suppose MERRY and HAPPY are not all that different and we probably don’t need to overthink the clear distinction we always make…. outside of the fact that it’s just our “custom” to do so.

While I don’t mind either of those words my prayer for each of us at JCC is for great JOY and PEACE for the coming year. Both of these words represent a profound emotional and spiritual centeredness and reality that aren’t necessarily connected to our circumstances. In other words, whether the coming year be one of smooth sailing or exceptionally stormy seas…. we can move forward with the confidence that God has always promised to go with us. Wow! Are you feeling it?

Our final worship of 2017 happens on the 31st, this coming Sunday. Come join us as we look at Paul’s words to the believers in Philippi, to “live a life that is worthy of the gospel!” (spoiler alert: we will look at three excellent hints that will help us move into the new year.)  Hope to see you there as we join our hearts together in praise and gratitude for a wonderful 2017 – and look forward together to 2018.

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