Poetry – Part II

About a month ago we posted some poetry written by Jon Honeycutt, one of our faithful members. Here are a few more examples of his work – part 2 – that we want to share with you.

The Good Book

The more that I read it

The more it makes sense

And the more understanding

The more recompence

For the more I am given

The more I can give

The more it’s reflected

In the love that I live

I’m a solit’ry star in an unending sky

Looking ’round without hope but an inquiring eye

Surely others are hidden, yet still to be found

Is my faith not enough, Is my prayer unsound?

There is always the chance of a meeting to be

While away from the fact of this reality

Possibilities countless, though not for us all

Have I come from such good graces but have nowhere to fall?

An Enemy

Let him harden his hate

In his heart, If he wishes

For the Lord knows our thoughts

Whether peaceful or viscious

He can blame me for anything

Real or not….

But he never will steal

The joy that I’ve got

Let me know that you love me

While I can still hear you

Let me share in your friendship

While I am still near you

And I’ll take that remembrance

To heaven with me

Let me know that you care for me

Before I am gone

We so often regret our lack of embrace

Give me something of love

That I might carry on

That reminds me of somebody’s

Volunt’ry grace

Let me know what I mean to you

While I am here

I would rather it more

Than memorial praise

Your thoughtful expression

Is welcome and dear

For the sun goeth down

Yet its influence stays

(July 2008 – but even more applicable today….)

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