Psalm 11

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to run away?  Where everything seems hopeless and the future looks bleak? Many people today feel like fleeing and actually move out.

King David was in one of those tough situations in this Psalm. People around him understood the dangers surrounding David.  Their advice?  “Run away!  You’ll be killed.  Fear for your life! There’s no hope in sticking around!  Everything you’ve built is torn down. Run!”

But, David questions their advice.  His first words in response are,

”In the Lord I take refuge.”  In those words, you can see David’s faith.  Those words are also proclaiming that the Lord is:

  1. Protector
  2. Provider
  3. Comfort 
  4. Strength
  5. Father, God

David then goes on to explain WHY he will trust in the LORD.

  • The Lord is Sovereign/Rules
  • The Lord sees everything
  • The Lord tests the hearts of men
  • The Lord will bring about justice in the end
  • The Lord is Righteous

These are more than enough reasons to put our trust in Him.  We need to overcome our fears with faith.  Let us:

 “Trust in the Lord with all our hearts and do not lean on our own understanding; in all our ways submit to him, and he will make our paths straight.”


(The above is a summary of the message shared by Richard Nakamura during our worship on September 26, 2021.)